115 Laptop Bags that slide over a Luggage Handle

115 Laptop bags that can slide over a luggage handle

laptop bag from urban junket

Urban Junket Laptop Bag slides over a luggage handle

You are wheeling down that long corridor to get to your gate and your laptop bag or business tote starts flopping all over the place, falls off the back and you have to keep fixing it. Not a great way to start off that business trip is it now.

Coakley Everyday tote

Coakley has a full size pocket in the back

Honestly after making sure the size is correct for my devices, that is the second most important attribute to me.

In the luggage world they are called “PASS THRU POCKETS” What ever you want to call them is fine with us, just know that it makes a world of difference when traveling the world.

We wanted to make your choices easier at www.careerbags.com so we added this attribute so you can narrow down your search when you are looking for the perfect bag. Just click “laptop bags with pass thru pockets” to see all of the great choices.

Some of our designers have created an area in the back of their bags that can also double as a back pocket, others have a simple strap. We have tested most of them and they all seem to work great.

Clark&Mayfield Rolling laptop bag

Even a rolling laptop bag has a pocket to fit over a luggage handle

Clark & Mayfield, one of our best selling brands even offers a laptop bag on wheels with a pocket to slide over a luggage handle. I’ve see you people trying to juggle two bags on wheels and it is not pretty.

Travel is difficult enough so we want to help make your trip go smoothly. Stay organized, look professional and Travel with ease.

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