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Women’s Laptop Bags - Your Guide to Finding The Perfect Bag

 womens bag

Imagine walking into a room and having every woman in it turn their head to take notice. Now imagine confidently strolling into work, an interview, or important client meeting exuding class, professionalism, and style. This is exactly what the perfect laptop bag can do for you. It’s the ultimate work accessory, and allows you to present yourself any way you’d like to colleagues, clients, or friends.

Selecting the right laptop bag is an important task too. There are plenty of options out there; we have over 150 available styles on CareerBags alone. With hundreds of styles to choose from, in all different colors, with different styles & pocket sizes how do you begin to narrow down the list to find the perfect bag for you?

Well, that’s exactly why we put together this guide! Let’s walk through the process to finding the perfect laptop bag for your needs, starting with style.

Laptop Bag Style

You might think this is the easiest part of the process, right? After all, it’s probably not your first bag purchase, and you already have your sense of style. You’re right, but we suggest taking some time to really think about the style of your bag. Remember, this could be the only accessory you take into an important client meeting, or the only thing you have in your hands when entering the crucial final interview. First impressions count, and it’s important that you make the right one. Presenting yourself in the wrong way to a client, or interviewer could reflect poorly on you or your company.

In order to determine the perfect laptop bag for your needs you’ll first want to determine how and where you’ll be using it. An important question to ask yourself in this phase is, “how do you want others to feel about you when you walk in the room?” Are you someone that wants to be known as the ultra stylish woman in the office? Do you want to command power? Or maybe both? How you answer this question can help dictate the style of the bag you choose.

After determining this, all future browsing selections should be guided by it. You should rule out bags that don’t stylistically the setting, or colors that aren’t appropriate. This will begin to help narrow down on price as well.

Secondly, you’ll want to think about where you’ll be using the bag. Are you an airport warrior, and need something with a extra space to tote thru airports? Or do you simply need a work bag to take to and from the office each day?

Ok, so let's talk about a few different style options.

Tote Style

Tote style laptop bags are one of the most popular bag types we carry, and it’s because of their versatility. Think of them like a larger purse with a separated sleeve to keep your computer protected. They’re fantastic for everyday back and forth from the office, and women love them for their style, convenience, and versatility. Many come with shoulder straps for hands-free carrying as well.


rolling bag

If you’re typically lugging lots of things around with you when leaving the office at night, or travel via airport frequently then a rolling laptop bag might be a better fit for your needs. They’re also perfect for large office buildings, where the walk to the car is a bit further than just stepping outside the door.

Rolling bags can be the ultimate mix of convenience and style for anyone on the go. Many of them also have a bit more space for you to carry other accessories, chargers, and work files wherever you’re off to. They tend to have a little higher starting price as compared to tote bags naturally because they have roller wheels, but the extra convenience can certainly make up for a few extra dollars; especially if you intend to use the bag for several years.

Another feature to look out for on select rolling bags is a detachable wheel base. This easily turns a rolling bag into a tote bag in seconds, and can be perfect for someone who wants a tote style bag on the day-to-day, but a rolling bag for airport travel.


If you love having both hands free when toting around your laptop while not compromising the amount you can carry, then a laptop backpack might be perfect for you. The backpack style leans more towards a casual look vs professional, but they’re quite popular for their comfortability. They’re perfect for airports, or anyone anticipating doing a good bit of walking with their bag because they evenly distribute the bag’s weight between both shoulders instead of one.

Laptop Bag Material

Now that you’ve had the chance to think about where you’ll be using your bag, and also the carrying types, let's talk about material.

Material is one of the most important aspects of bag selection because it impacts durability, and also can set the tone for how you’re perceived by others. A good laptop bag should last several years, and should be built to endure everyday wear and tear.

Let’s review a few of the most popular options for bag material.


Leather bags are the ultimate for a classy and professional look. Genuine leather can last a long time too, so it’s important to specifically look at the type of leather when looking at the bag’s material. Not all leather is made the same or has the same durability. For the highest in quality, you’ll want to look for European leather. If you’re seeking a leather look, but are on a budget, simulated or faux leather will be your best choice. Simulated leather can sometimes be a bit stiffer, and it’s durability isn’t as high as genuine leather, but can still give you the leather look you’re after while on a budget.


Nylon bags are lightweight, durable, and can handle mother nature’s elements a bit better than other materials. It’s a lesser expensive material than leather, which makes for an easier time finding a stylish bag at a lower price. They have more of an “everyday” look to them, so they’re probably not the first choice if you’re going for an ultra high class, or prestigious look, but they’re great for the daily commute to and from the office.

Bag Size

Choosing your laptop bag’s size is one of the easiest parts of the searching process because it’s determined in part by how large your laptop itself is, but it’s important to properly measure your laptop to ensure you’re getting the right sized bag. Laptop sizes are determined by measuring your laptop screen diagonally. Keep in mind that the length and width of a particularly sized laptop can vary, even among laptops with the same screen size. Some laptops are designed longer, and others wider, which makes it all the more important to understand which size is being referred to on a 17” laptop per say. This is how we calculate what size laptop fits into a particular bag on CareerBags, which we always try to list as clearly as possible in the bag’s title or description.

 measuring laptop size

Bag Color

Your bag’s color may be one of the first things people notice about it, so it’s important that color fits your personal style as well as the occasion. Colors are actually representative of your feelings and attitude. Selecting a bag of a certain color actually reinforces how others perceive you. For example, our 3 most popular colors of women’s bags are red, black, and blue. Here’s what each color represents:

Red - For the attention seeker. Red is an energetic color, and represents strength, power, and can add a real “pop” to your wardrobe. Red is one of the most popular colors of bags we sell for these reasons, and also that it’s super stylish.

Black - Black is the second most popular color of women’s laptop bag because of it’s everyday usage. It’s a strong color that fits into every occasion, and while it may not turn as many heads as other colors it’s a great color because it represents power and authority.

Blue - Blue is known for being tranquil, calm, intelligence, and trust. It’s a neutral color, unless it’s a brighter blue, and is perfect for the person that wants to represent themselves as a calm, intelligent woman.

There are certainly other colors of bags available as well, each which have their own meanings. When thinking about color, think about what setting you’ll be using the bag in, and also how often. Louder, brighter colors like orange, yellow, or anything that’s really bright probably aren’t the best for everyday usage or for important work settings. You’re likely better off representing yourself with the strong base colors of red, black, or blue.

Matching the bag to your personal style

And finally, matching your bag to your personality and personal style is an absolute must! After all, you may use this bag more than you use your favorite purse, so it must be one that looks absolutely fabulous at your side. There are plenty of bags available in a multitude of styles, and colors, so keep the above attributes in mind when making your selection, but never forget that this should be a bag that you can fall in love with!